About moi

I’m a Boulanger (“baker” in French), both in name and in hobby. You all, my friends, have been a bit ridiculous in your encouragements to start this blog, so here goes nothing! In between graduate school, working in lab, surviving the east coast, and spending time with friends, I’ll attempt to fill you all in on my (mostly baking) adventures.

I bake to stay sane, to exercise my creativity, to eat baked goods when they taste the best (fresh out of the oven, of course), to feel useful and productive despite whatever happens in lab, to have a good excuse to talk to the people in my department that I don’t often see otherwise, and most of all, to make everyone’s day just a little bit better in the midst of all this academic madness.

All pictures are my own. Sometimes they’re taken with an iPhone, sometimes I edit them to remove the background, and sometimes I get lucky and can use my friends’ fancy cameras (you’ll be able to tell when the photo quality jumps up!).

Come bake with me, either in your mind or in reality; I promise we’ll have fun!

One thought on “About moi

  1. I love your blog K. I especially like your title. Stylish and sweet, like your baking. Some day I may do one on breads as that is my passion. It’s all comfort food and everyone loves comfort. I am working on the caramel snacks and the valentine cookies this week. They look yummy. Keep having fun,
    aunt kathy

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